Furious Fanboys @ San Diego Comic Con 2011


It’s July and that means that downtown San Diego will be a warzone for the next five days as thousands of geeks descent on to the San Diego Comic Con. We’re going to be down at the con from Thursday through Sunday. As with Anaheim we’ll be taking tons of pictures, and a lot will make it up to our Facebook page prior to the site, so if you want a preview; be sure to like that page.

Comic Con is always chaotic, and while you can always try to make a schedule; it is almost impossible to stick with it. That said, here are the panels we’re definitely going to try to check out over the four days:


3:15-4:30 20th Century Fox (Hall H) – There’s no word on what Fox is bringing this year, although it’s rumored to include a teaser trailer for Prometheus and maybe even some Deadpool news.


11:00-12:00 Paramount: The Adventures of Tin-Tin (Hall H) – Steven Spielberg will be at this panel, which makes it a can’t miss.

12:45-1:45 Legendary Pictures: Preproduction Preview – Jeff Bridges, Bradley Cooper, Guillermo del Toro, and a whole bunch of other people will be at this.

4:00-6:30 Sony (Hall H) – Sony is bringing Ghost Rider, the blasphemous Total Recall remake, and The Amazing Spider-Man to Comic Con this year; so this will be a big panel.

8:00-10:00 World Premiere: Batman: Year One – Unfortunately as much as I would love to check this out; Captain America opens on Friday and that is a must-see.


11:15-12:30 DC Comics – The New 52 – DC is doing a panel for the relaunch every day of the con. Since Saturday is a bit slower than Friday; that’s when I’ll try to check it out.

3:30-4:15 Universal Pictures: Snow White and the Huntsmen (Hall H) – Thor will be at this panel!

4:30-5:30 DC Focus: Jim Lee – I’m a huge Jim Lee fan, so I want to go to this.

5:45-7:30 An Early Evening with Kevin Smith (Hall H) – One of the best things about Comic Con.


The con closes early on Sunday, so that’s the day to get some good deals. The people who came across the country don’t want to haul back too much stuff, so they usually slash prices on everything. That said, there is one awesome panel going on Sunday:

12:30-1:30 BBC America’s Doctor Who – Both Matt Smith and Karen Gillen will be there.

Keep an eye on this post as it’ll be a hub for everything we post relating to the con!