See Cap Fling His Shield


IGN has posted an exclusive clip from next week’s Captain America movie that shows him fighting with his shield exactly as you want to see him do. People have seen the finished movie, and love it. Reviews won’t start appearing until next week, but things are starting to leak out.

/Film and Collider both saw the movie, and had this short exchange via twitter:

Me too. Me too. RT @colliderfrosty: I saw a movie tonight that I loved. Wish I could say what.

Filmmaker Olivier Lebourg saw it and had this to say:

Wow. Captain America was way better than I expected. A bit like Rocketeer on steroids with a hint of Indiana Jones… LOVED it! They did such a great job with the character that I kinda wish we’d get a sequel before the Avengers. Even though I know it won’t happen

The Rocketeer mixed with Indiana Jones? Why does this movie have to open right in the middle of Comic Con?