Revenge of the Titans – Review


Revenge of the Titans is just one of an intriguing collection of games that has been developed by the two-man studio Puppy Games.  As with the other Puppy titles, Revenge of the Titans shares a very retro appearance.  This particular game is all about tower defense strategy, in which the Titans, an invading alien force intent to ‘nom’ the buildings of Earth, encroach on your base over five known and loved celestial bodies.  While this game has been released for some time already, it has recently been given a boxed version, courtesy of Iceberg Interactive and is set to be released in North America sometime after the summer.

As mentioned, the look of both this and other Puppy Games creations are similar, giving the studio a persistent and recognisable image.  It’s clear they have gone for an old arcade theme, with a very retro, but very polished, set of graphics.  Even the title image of Revenge of the Titans looks remarkably similar to an old B-movie poster.  An awesome B-movie poster (a copy of which comes with Iceberg’s release)!

So the basic premise is that aliens are invading, you need to build up some defensive positions and ward them off.  There are three game modes available, the Campaign, Survival and Endless.  The last two do sound similar but in Endless you only play on one stage and simply last as long as you can.

Revenge of the Titans is, on top of a RTS game, a clever balancing act.  As well as pushing back the extraterrestrials you must harvest as many crystals as you can to raise funds for the ongoing struggle!  Turrets aren’t free and you’ve got to make money somehow.  Obviously a fairly common aspect of tower defense games, but what’s important to note is that how much money you gain carries over to your next fight so it’s crucial you don’t forget!

All those crystals are important, so bombard them with refineries!

The campaign starts on Earth, as it naturally would, with a short and simple wave to fend off.  I actually had a double-take looking at the location, as each mission has it’s own name, and it turned out I was defending Basingstoke.  An entirely irrelevant point for the most part, but that’s where I live!  The only other place I can think it has been referenced was in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Once you successfully secure our own beloved rock the fight pushes onward to the Moon, then Mars, Saturn (or rather a collection of the surrounding moons) and finally Titan itself, the belly of the beast!

The enemies come in a variety of forms which will present themselves over the course of the war, from a standard slow-moving, slow-munching alien to wraiths (invisible and unaffected by standard weaponry), moving bombs and the dreaded Mega Titans.  Each of these will require a different plan to eradicate, lest they crush your base!



Luckily, as you encounter each strange new variant you will be able to research your own new stuff, such as new turrets, buildings, upgrades, and deliveries!  While the research panel is initially very daunting it shouldn’t take long to acclimatise yourself and see how each research option connects and what end result it will help produce in the fight.  The deliveries in the R&D panel are, as far as I understand it, a one-time use, and many of them are coffee deliveries.  If you could hear the scientists you would know they are just bananas for beans.

In fact, so curious was I as to the reasons behind some points of the game, Basingstoke, the coffee obsession, I decided to catch up with Cas, the programmer and business doer of the pair, and ask him about a few things! If you shared my bizarre curiousity you can find out the answers here.


"And the bug-eyed monster?" "Is green, yes."

Revenge of the Titans is a nicely crafted game and you can easily find out if you’d enjoy it yourself by going to their site and trying the demo.  There’s good play time, with enough on the campaign alone to keep you occupied for at least a few days (and that’s if you’re powering through it).  The researching can still make you wonder what’s worth getting, and in what order, as there are doubtlessly associated strategies for the most efficient defense.  So yeah, all I can do is reiterate and say try it out yourself!

Now for the final note: Iceberg Interactive, the publisher behind the boxed version of Revenge of the Titans, was awesome enough to provide us with a further copy to give away to one of you!  For a chance to win just follow us on Twitter and retweet this review once it’s posted!  The winner will be randomly selected and announced in a week’s time on our Twitter account!  Did I mention it includes a totally awesome poster as well as a Steam key for easy updating?  And just because I’m delightful I’ll even pay for postage as a gift!