Revenge of the Titans – Interview


I managed to catch up with Cas from Puppy Games and chat very briefly about their tower defense game Revenge of the Titans.  Puppy Games is a two-man team, with Cas handling programming and business at one end and Chaz as the artistic genius on the other!

What were the main sources of inspiration that led to the creation of Revenge of the Titans?

Believe it or not, a simple Flash game called Storm the House is what led us to start making Revenge of the Titans. After Googling the game you will probably discover that Revenge of the Titans didn’t end up bearing even the slightest resemblance to it. Other influences were Starcraft and various tower defense games. Oddly enough I’ve never actually played a tower defense game but I’m a great fan of real-time strategy.


Titans hate getting light shined on them. They're like vampires. Vampire aliens. True story.

All of the Puppy Games have a persistent style in terms of sound and graphics, that’s very distinct from other indie games, were you trying to develop a polished up arcade look?

Yes, we were. That, and we’re slightly cheapass. Originally we developed the look because it didn’t take too long to do. But Revenge of the Titans has 30 mb of graphics and took absolutely ages to do all the graphics so they looked just right. We’re sticking with our “look and feel” for the foreseeable future too as we seem to have gotten it to the point where it’s easily distinguished from any other developers. As for the sound, that’s sort of half me and half other people who help us out. I have fairly clear ideas about the production on the sound which keeps things sort of consistent. No, we don’t need a musician.

Where did Basingstoke enter the picture? I was quite bewildered seeing it as the first mission, as I live there!

For my sins I lived [and] worked for a year in Basingstoke at Sony from 2009 through 2010, in a small shoebox next to the M3. We thought that it would be fitting that if an alien race came along and laid waste to the civilisations of Earth that Basingstoke would be first up against the wall.

Well I can see why it would be number one on an invasion force's to-do list.

What’s with all the coffee?! Tea is so much better!

As I was working full-time at Sony I had to do all my work on the game in the evenings until the small hours for a year. This led to fairly serious sleep deprivation and coffee addiction. Chaz has always been hopelessly addicted to coffee for at least the last 25 years. I’ve just managed to kick the habit now and drink decaffeinated tea. It DOESN’T WORK 🙁


So that was a very quick’n’dirty look into the inner workings of this little indie team.  I would like to thank the pair for their time and their games.  If you haven’t looked into it you can read our review here (and enter the giveaway!) or head over to their site and check out the demos!