5 Reasons To Love Voltron Force


Lets face it, there is just not a lot of new ideas coming from TV and movies nowadays. Everything “new” seems to either be an adaptation or remake of something old, and 8 out of 10 times, its not as good. I was very excited when I first saw the screenshots of the Voltron Force. The series is now 5 episodes in and I am hooked.



I love the original Voltron cartoon. I recently enjoyed watching the old cartoon box sets, but lets face it, 1984 animation leaves a lot to be desired! Voltron Force has absolutely beautiful 2D CG animation. This is buy far the best looking Voltron series.


This Is Not A Reboot


I was pleasantly surprised when I found out the Voltron Force was not just another reboot. Voltron Force is set 5 or 6 years after King Lotor was defeated by Voltron. I love the fact that it just keeps going.


The Gangs All Here

With Voltron Force, you get all your favorite characters. Keith, Lance, Hunk, Pidge, and Allura are all here. You even get 3 new cadets Daniel, Vince, and Alluras niece Larmina.


King Lotor is Back

The Drule King is back and badder than ever. Lotor is resurrected in the first episode, and wants nothing more than to destroy the Voltron Force.


Voltcoms are Cool


Each member of the Voltron Force wears a Voltcom on their wrist. The Voltcom creates energy weapons for the team member wearing it, kind like Green Lanterns ring.