Age of Conan Goes Free to Play Tomorrow


Age of Conan, the MMO that some people feel launched and then just fizzled, has developed into one of the stronger games over the last three years. Starting tomorrow, you can play it for free.

Originally titled Age of Conan: Unrated, the F2P version of the game is now titled Age of Conan: Unchained. The free to play version gives you access to the lands from the original game (Aquilonia, Cimmeria, and Stygia), four classes ((Barbarian, Demonologist, Guardian, and Priest of Mitra), two character slots, and access to on-premium dungeons. Most of the Rise of the Godslayer content is reserved for paying players as is the AA system, offline levels, and veteran points.

Here’s a trailer announcing the release of the free to play version: