Star Wars Blu-Rays Previewed in New York


This week Lucasfilm held a Star Wars Media Day in New York to show off their upcoming merchandise for the rest of the year, and naturally the Star Wars Blu-Rays were a big draw. They demoed a scene from the prequels and the original trilogy and showed off some of the special features. Big Picture Sound was there and had this to say about some of the awesome-sounding extras on the set:

The highlights will surely be the more than 40 deleted scenes spanning the saga (Tosche Station had better be in there!) and the home video debut of “A Conversation with the Masters” (about 20 minutes, in HD) featuring the last on-camera interview with late Empire Strike Back director Irvin Kershner, created for the 30th anniversary of that film last year. But “The Archive Collection” has us particularly intrigued, now that we’ve seen up close what it’s really about. Imagine if George Lucas was the subject of a very special edition of Hoarders, since he has fastidiously held onto just about everything from every movie. And now we can venture into this rarified domain too, as props and more come alive via 360-degree flyarounds and painstakingly sharp zooms that look terrific on the big high-def screen. If that’s not interactive enough, more than 100 HD mini-documentaries (two to five minutes each) are accessible along the way, boasting fascinating new creator interviews combined with behind-the-scenes footage. Apparently, no expense was spared to make these extras rock.

Lucasfilm also showed off Clone Wars Season 3, which hits stores a month after the movies do, as well as the new toys and the Star Wars Kinect game for the Xbox 360.

All six Star Wars movies hit Blu-Ray on September 16th.