Vinyl-Caped Jawas Available at San Diego Comic Con


If you’ve ever wanted one of the most valuable Star Wars figures in existence, you can buy a 12″ replica of one at Comic Con in San Diego next month. Gentle Giant has announced their second San Diego Comic Con 2011 exclusive, and it’s a 12″ version of the Vinyl-Caped Jawa.

One of the rarest and most counterfeit figures in the original Star Wars line, a genuine Vinyl-Caped Jawa will sell for upwards of $6,000 in carded mint condition. once put up a great article discussing the history of the figure and how to spot a fake.

A price for the 12″ figure hasn’t been announced, but if it follows the previous jumbo vintage figure pricing (Han, Chewie, Stormtrooper, and the C5 exclusive Boba Fett), expect to pay about $100 for one.