Want to Play The Old Republic Next Month? Head to San Diego


Dying to play The Old Republic? BioWare is giving everyone in the San Diego area the chance to do just that. Next month is the San Diego Comic Con and BioWare has announced that they’re setting up shop in the Hilton Gaslamp hotel with playable versions of Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age II DLC, and Star Wars: The Old Republic for everyone (not just Comic Con attendees) to check out. Here’s their official announcement from the forums:

Yesterday, BioWare made an announcement that we have a space at the Hilton Gaslamp hotel across the street from Comic-Con where fans can get their hands on Mass Effect 3 and the newest Dragon Age II DLC. Well, surprisingly enough, The Old Republic is planning on being there as well! Anyone (yes, even you!) can come to the Hilton and wait in line to play any of the BioWare games.

Expect long lines and the flowery smell of sweaty fanboy as you wait to try out the game.