Cast & Crew Captain America Poster is Super Retro!


This weekend in Hollywood was the LA Times Hero Complex Film Festival. This is a geek’s film festival with movies such as Superman, Superman II, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek 2009, The Incredibles, and both Iron Mans being shown with the directors and some stars showing up.

As part of the Hero Complex Film Festival, Marvel unveiled the new Captain America trailer and showed off the poster that the cast and crew received at the end of filming. Only 100 were made, but it’s a very cool poster that recreates the iconic image from the cover of Captain America #1 where Cap is punching Hitler.

Marvel likes using this image lately. Not only was it used on a special 70th Anniversary edition of Captain America that came out just a couple months ago, the scene is apparently re-created in the movie; although it isn’t the real Hitler being punched by Cap.