Star Wars: Legacy – War #6 Review


The short new Legacy series comes to an end, and what an epic end it is. While Star Wars: Legacy may have had some backlash when it was initially announced; the fifty issues that series ran ended up being some of the best Star Wars comics since the Tales of the Jedi days. Set more than a hundred years past the time of Luke, Han, and Leia; the Legacy era focuses on Cade Skywalker who initially rejected his Jedi heritage for a life of a scoundrel. By the time of Legacy – War, Cade has embraced being a Jedi and this six issue series really shakes up the status quo for the future Star Wars Universe.

As War comes to an end, Emperor Roan Fel is about to unleash a Sith plague on Coruscant; not knowing that it will kill everyone but the Sith he wants to wipe out. At the same time, Cade and Darth Krayt face off in a life or death fight where Krayt tempts Cade with the Dark Side and a vision of the future. In the end, both Roan Fel and Darth Krayt fall, and thanks to a timely reappearance of Luke’s Force Ghost; Cade becomes at peace with being a true Light Side Jedi. As for the Sith, while they don’t specifically return to the “Rule of Two” they do decide to disperse across the galaxy in much smaller numbers to better infiltrate governments.

If you read the main Legacy series; War is a great follow up. At only six issues, you should still be able to easily find all of them on store shelves. It’s the sort of epic Star Wars story that you’ve come to expect from the comic run that introduced us to The Old Republic, only this time it’s set in the far future of the Star Wars Universe. Legacy – War is highly recommended.