Want to Know What Awaits You in Star Tours 2?


Curious about what the new Star Tours is like? Disney gossip site MiceAge has the full details on exactly how the new version of Star Tours will play out. Their story focuses on the Anaheim version of the ride, specifically where it mentions that it’s smoother than before, as Disneyland received many ride upgrades that Walt Disney World didn’t as the Florida park didn’t want to pay for the more elaborate upgraded systems. Here’s basically what you see in the ride video now:

The Starspeeders will look familiar yet freshened as you board, and then you are off on your adventure. The 3D effect is understated and works smoothly with the larger front screen in the simulators. While much has been made of the random possibilities of this latest Star Tours, each journey will begin exactly the same way during the boarding process and opening act. C3PO will bumble his way accidentally into the cockpit, and just as R2D2 is trying to override the autopilot and return to the gate to retrieve the real pilot, one of the different plot twists, or “branches” as the Imagineers call it, will kick in and begin the various storylines.

The 54 different versions of the ride are cycled through automatically, and they can slot in with any of the previous branches of plotline in any cabin. The various plot points and options are as follows;

Part 1: Your Starspeeder begins to depart the spaceport as R2D2 is trying to override the autopilot, but you are suddenly stopped by either Darth Vader or a battalion of Stormtroopers who are looking for a Rebel Spy suspected to be onboard your ship. The video screen in the cabin displays the image of one of your fellow passengers and sets up the base plot that they are the spy that must be smuggled away from the Empire’s bad guys.

Part 2: After some fighting with Vader or the Stormtroopers, R2D2 jumps to light speed just in time and you are on your way to either Tatooine, Kashyyyk, or Hoth. You arrive at whichever planet the branching plotline led you to, and the typical mayhem and excitement ensues as you explore the planet. Tatooine leads to the obligatory Boonta Eve pod race, the Kashyyyk plotline involves racing Imperial Scout troopers on speeder bikes through the forest with help from friendly Wookies, and the visit to Hoth quickly devolves into an icy toboggan run down the mountains dodging Empire AT-ATs along the way.

Part 3: The action is brought to an end when R2D2 launches you off each planet and back into space where you suddenly receive a hologram transmission from either Princess Leia, Admiral Ackbar, or Yoda. They give you instructions on how and where to safely deliver the Rebel spy onboard, and with another jump to light speed you are on your way to a second destination.

Part 4: You arrive from the light speed jump at either Coruscant, Naboo, or an asteroid field that leads you to the Death Star. In typical WDI fashion, something goes terribly wrong here and you go through a final ordeal of either outer space dog fighting, dodging rush hour city traffic, or fending off alien sea creatures. Each of these options leads to an obligatory happy ending with the spy satisfactorily delivered, and then you gather your belongings and exit to your right and out to the gift shop.

For details on the new queue you walk through, check out the full story at MiceAge.