Flashpoint Review


With Marvel’s Fear Itself crossover now two issues in, it’s time for DC’s big 2011 event to start. If you read comics you know how awesome Geoff Johns is, and this first issue of Flashpoint definitely delivers the goods. I will keep the major spoiler out of this review, but the final panel is so awesome it’ll make you scream.

The story of Flashpoint is basically that Barry Allen wakes up in a world changed. It’s definitely an alternate timeline where some major things have happened. There’s talk of a big war, and we get hints of it in this first issue where they explain that Aquaman and Atlantis sank Western Europe into the ocean while Wonder Woman and the Amazons claimed the UK as New Themyscira. Abin Sur is Earth’s Green Lantern, and Cyborg is trying to form something of an army to deal with the warring Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

There is a Batman in this timeline, but he’s very different. This Batman has no problem killing those he hunts, and he tends to like dropping them to their death into Crime Alley. The revelation as to who this Batman is turns out to be the big shocker in the final panel, and as I said; Johns definitely delivers.

Last year’s Blackest Night was really awesome, and Johns seems to be following that up with an equally awesome event centered around The Flash. With Johns scripting it and Andy Kubert handling the art, Flashpoint is one comic you absolutely must pick up this week. It’s $3.99, which is a dollar more than DC’s $2.99 initiative, but it’s worth every penny.