Star Trek Phase II Retcons Star Trek 2009


If there’s one subset of fanboys that are nearly insufferable, it’s the hardcore purists. These are the people who believe that James T. Kirk and other such character will never age and always appear just as they did in their initial appearances. It’s that mindset that gave birth to such things as Star Trek Phase II and uncountable books and comic books.

Star Trek Phase II is an embarrassingly bad fan series set in the fourth year of the Enterprise’s original Five Year Mission. Combining that series with the animated series and all of the books, comics, and fan fiction that was set after the Original Series was cancelled; one could assume that the Five Year Mission was actually more like thirty years in some strange subspace bubble where no one ever aged!

Recently, a Star Trek convention known as FedCon took place in Germany and the creators of Star Trek Phase II put together a little video to make those purists cheer. It’s not meant to be official, just a little pandering to those who can’t accept change. Check it out below: