Magicka Competition – Time to be a Wizard!


In the interest of matching the level of awesome demonstrated by the Magicka team in their free DLC we here at Furious Fanboys have 5 copies of Magicka and Magicka: Vietnam to give away to you, the readers!  But instead of the same old “Retweet this to have a chance!” or something simple like that we’ve decided to make it more interesting.

Magicka gave us some self-destructing awe-inspiring wizards. Magicka: Vietnam put those wizards in… well… Vietnam!  We want to know where you would put them next!  It can be literally anywhere!  It could be any war that’s ever occurred in fact or fiction.  Not even necessarily a war!  Maybe you’ve picked up some inspiration from the Wizard World, or perhaps you’ll send them into a 1950s monster movie.

Them! was translated into Swedish as "Spindlarna", which when translated back to English turned into "The Spiders!"Â Weird, huh?

To enter you can comment on the article here with your idea, or on the Furious Fanboys’ facebook page (there will be a shared link so post it under there).  If we receive multiple entries for certain settings or locations then those which have some added detail,* or an idea for a unique spell or an item belonging to that world, will naturally have the edge over one-word entries.

The competition will run until Saturday (May the 7th), and it will close on midnight, Eastern Daylight Time, so just make sure to get the entries in before Sunday and you’ll be sitting pretty!  At that point the five most interesting or amusing entries will be selected and the winners will be contacted shortly after.


* Bear in mind someone has to read each and every submission made so avoid writing an essay because it won’t mean you’ll get it!