Show Us Your Geek Love Tattoos

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A tattoo is perhaps the most permanent symbol declaring a person a Fanboy or Fangirl. By getting inked with an image of your favorite geek pleasure you are telling the world how much you love the topic of your fandom. For some people like me their geek tattoo is a little reminder they diffrent from everyone else around them. I work in the field of Public Safety and Emergency Management… Not many of my coworkers are into Sci-Fi.

As one of the newer contributors here at FuriousFanBoys I decided to see if I can get to know some of the readers. So I am asking you email me photos of your geek tattoos.

Over the coming weeks I will post the best (maybe even the worst) tattoos. Depending on how many tattoos you folks send in and the diversity of the topical areas I will likely be displaying them based on the topics they represent… Star Wars, Trek, Video Games, general science, Super Heroes, etc…

Remember here I am looking for your tattoos as the readers. Not links to images found doing an image search on Google.

You can email your photos to docfyr(AT)Gamil(DOT)com