More Mass Effect 3 Details…From Spain


A BioWare forum poster got their hands on a Spanish gaming mag called “Marca Player”, which has all sorts of information about Mass Effect 3 in it. A translation of the juicy bits was posted on the forum, but here’s the basics:

  • Space Battles are possible, but not confirmed.
  • New York and London are two locations on Earth, but you’ll visit Mars along with the Salarian home world.
  • A new “Heavy Melee” class is mentioned.
  • Ceberus is hunting Shepard with mechs, assault units, and ninja-like shock troops.
  • Environments are larger with more people in them, and there’s a new lighting engine to make them look even better.

Mass Effect 3 keeps sounding better and better. Hopefully they don’t pull a Dragon Age 2 with it.