New Blu-Ray Tuesday 4/19/11


If you’re a gamer, the best video game movie ever made hits Blu-Ray this week.

Mortal Kombat

Paul WS Anderson has a reputation for making some pretty crappy movies, but his Mortal Kombat stands the test of time as the best video game move ever made. It’s a thousand times better than the Street Fighter movie, and still has an awesome soundtrack. The sub-par sequel also releases this week.

IP Man 2

Someone I once worked with said that it’s a shame that Donnie Yen wasn’t a bigger star in the US. He’s every bit the martial arts master as Jet Li, but has never had a huge hit here. IP Man 2 is a sequel to a martial arts film he did a few years ago based on the real Grandmaster who taught Bruce Lee and introduced Wing Chun. If you like martial arts movies, you’ll like both IP Man and IP Man 2.

Short Circuit 2

Johnny Five is alive! Say what you will about the original Short Circuit, it has a sort of bizarre charm to it. Its sequel, which takes Johnny Five to New York, is just out there and a sequel that really didn’t need to be made.