Mass Effect 3 Details Emerge


The new issue of Game Informer features Mass Effect 3 on its cover, and issues are starting to hit subscribers hands. A poster on the GameFAQs forum received their issue already, and spilled the beans. The game is looking to be an awesome finale to the trilogy combining characters from the first two games.

Picking up immediately following The Arrival DLC for Mass Effect 2, the game begins with Shepard on trail on Earth when the Reapers arrive and attack. Characters returning from the first two games (if they are alive) include Ashley (or Kaiden), Garrus, Liara, Wrex, Mordin, Anderson, and Legion. Ashley/Kaiden, Liara, and Garrus are confirmed squadmates. Ceberus will return in a mission to kill Shepard, which means the Illusive Man is back too. The game will also feature more RPG elements than Mass Effect 2 (which focused on the action), but won’t be as heavy as Mass Effect 1. Also, like the PS3 Mass Effect, there will be a comic recapping the events of the last game so you can make new decisions if you want to.

Why can’t it be November already?