Will The Maker Appear at Star Tours II?


Star Tours: The Journey Continues opens in Florida in time for Star Wars Weekends on May 20th, and in Anaheim on June 3rd (although soft openings in Anaheim will probably happen the weekend of the 20th). In Florida there’s word of a special dedication ceremony on May 19th for the ride; and the current rumor is that George Lucas will be making an appearance. So if you’re planning a vacation at Walt Disney World towards the end of May, you may want to stop by the Hollywood Studios park on the 19th.

The Maker appeared at Disneyland for the opening of the original Star Tours in 1987 when the park stayed open for 48 hours straight to handle all the crowds. So it wouldn’t be unusual for him to show up at the re-dedication ceremony. And with the re-opening of the ride in Anaheim taking place after the one in Florida, it’s possible for him to show up there too.