Swamp Thing Returns


If you’re reading DC’s Brightest Day crossover (and you should be) and picked up issue #23 yesterday, then you saw the reveal of a character long absent from comics. In the issue a Black entity starts tearing things up, and he looks a lot like Swamp Thing. At the end of the issue when he’s defeated, a body crawls out that’s identified as Alec Holland; a.k.a Swamp Thing.

This is cool for two reasons. One, Swamp Thing is an awesome character who has been gone for too long. And Two, it looks as if Johns may be retconning the Alan Moore changes to the character. Originally, Swamp Thing was Alec Holland but when Moore came in (in the story The Anatomy Lesson) he changed the origin so that Swamp Thing was simply an entity that had Alec Holland’s memories. If the body at the end of the issue really is Alec Holland and is Swamp Thing, it’s a pretty big change.