4 Franchises That Need the \”Rockstar\” Treatment


The ever controversial Rockstar Games does one thing very well; open world gameplay.  While most of their franchises aren’t for everyone, they really do have dark story driven sandbox games down to an art.  And ever since they took on the spirtual sequel to Red Dead Revolver, it’s got me thinking; what other franchises can they do?  Here’s a short list of what I’d like to see.


A band of criminals on the run from the law, picking up odd jobs and side work along the way.  Sound familiar?  The “Firefly” plot would translate easily into the GTA mold.  While driving around streets would probably be replaced by space travel cutscenes, a little Red Dead could be added into the missions.  And considereing this space western has seen its fair share of saving brothels and robbing trains, this potentially could be one of the best tv based games ever made.

Star Wars – Bounty Hunters

While a Star Wars Bounty Hunter game has already been attempted with mediocre results, it really didn’t dive into the life of scum and villanry in which they live.  Working directly for dictators and crime bosses is something that gamers really haven’t had a lot of experience with.  And considering how a good fifteen minutes of Episode II was spent with Annie and Ben chasing Jango and his assassin, there’s plenty to work with.  While I don’t expect Rockstar to pull off a 60 hour game with jetpacks, there’s plenty of “borrowing” vehicles in Episode II to appease GTA fans.

Harry Potter

Before everyone flips out over this suggestion, hear me out: a troubled teen goes to a rough school, fighting an onslaught of bullies, psycho teachers, and completes favors while trying to uncover a bigger plot.  This to me sounds a lot like the game “Bully”.  Jimmy Hopkins and Harry Potter have more in common than you might think.  And considering how the games currently are reduced to movie tie-in gameplay or the Lego treatement, Rockstar could be the one company who would deliver an immersive experience to fans akin to the films and books.


The Ghostbusters game, which was meant to stall for time while they make a real sequel, was lacking in many areas.  Not to mention the huge tradeoffs in platform; do you go for more realistic graphics of the PS3 and 360, or do you go for the experience that looks like a fan-made Saturday morning cartoon, but feel like you’re actually busting ghosts?

Driving through New York City is something Rockstar has done time and time again (only in Liberty City).  They could do the driving mechanics in their sleep.  And considering how much flack they Busters get from law enforcement and city hall, there’s enough potential mayhem to make this interesting.  They could even go the extra mile with the player being a new recruit, as this seems to be how the new film’s plot will be (IF they ever agree on anything).