Captain America Trailer This Week?


Are we getting the first real trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger this week? It sure looks like it. Entertainment Tonight is running a promo (which you can see below) for their “first look” at footage from the movie. Their preview shows the footage cut like a trailer, and 99% of the time when ET hypes up footage like this it just means they have their hands on the trailer before everyone else. So with luck we’ll have a nice HD version of the first full trailer for Cap later this week.

In other Captain America news, Marvel is getting ready for the movie. As almost anyone could predict; they’re making Steve Rogers Cap once again just in time for the movie (after he died and Bucky took over the shield for a while) and will be relaunching the book with Captain America #1. Quesada’s Marvel has a history of doing this. Just look at how he gave Spidey organic web shooters in the comics after the movie came out and put Spidey back in the black suit while Spider-Man 3 was in theaters. No shame at all.