15-Disc Lord of the Rings Extended Blu-Ray Hits June 28th!


Hot off the news that The Hobbit has begun production in New Zealand, Warner has announced that the long-awaited Extended Editions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy will hit Blu-Ray on June 28th. All three movies will feature English 6.1 DTS-HD MA audio and Fellowship of the Ring has received a brand new HD transfer from the original 2K files. When Warner released the theatrical cuts on Blu-Ray last year, many people complained that Fellowship’s transfer was a bit soft; so this is good news.

The set will total 15 discs. You get two Blu-Rays for each movie with the Extended cuts spread across the two discs; just like with the original DVD releases. Then you get three DVDs for each movie. Two of the DVDs are the appendices from the original EE releases, and the third contains the Costa Botes documentary from the Limited Edition EE release as well as the MTV Movie Awards spoof. There really are no new extras if you already own the previous releases, but at least you get the superior versions of the movies in HD.

You can pre-order the set on Amazon here.