Create Your Old Republic Guild…Now!


BioWare knows that people can’t wait to play Star Wars: The Old Republic, so they have now made it possible for people to create their own guilds in the game. Right now it’s only in Phase 1, which allows people to create or join guilds and get their guild mini-site started. The mini-site is actually pretty nice with both public and private forums. Phase 2 will allow guilds to form alliances, and the final phase will automatically assign guilds to a server. You can check out the guild page right here.

If you’re looking for a Sith Empire guild that will play on a PVP server, you can join the Furious Fanboys guild. Right now, we’re planning on primarily being a Sith Empire guild; because the Dark Side rules. However, if there is enough demand we will form a Light Side sister guild to this one.