Universal says: \”No Cthulhu for you!\”


Yesterday the geek part of the Internet exploded as Universal dropped a city-sized asteroid on our hopes and dreams, instantly incinerating them in a firestorm, as they decided to not allow Guillermo Del Toro to direct his adaptation of At the Mountains of Madness. Deadline broke the news yesterday about how Universal was uneasy with greenlighting a $150 million R-rated horror film, even if it starred Tom Cruise and James Cameron was involved. The resulting backlash was epic to say the least.

Harry over at AICN kicked things off by blasting Universal, and both Drew McWeeny at Hitfix and Devin Faraci at Bad Ass Digest chimed in with their own opinions on the whole thing. It may look civil via those articles, but last night Harry and Drew were involved in an all-out Twitter brawl trading blows on their side of the issue. It was actually pretty entertaining, and people were taking sides while others wanted them to just get a room.

This news comes just a day after we learned that David Twohy is planning the next Riddick to be R rated. Now, he naturally will be doing it for a lot less than $150 million so Universal is more likely to geenlight it. But this news must worry any genre filmmaker who doesn’t want to make a safe cookie-cutter movie.