The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Blu-Rays Revealed!

| has just posted the full details on the upcoming Limited Extended Edition Blu-Ray boxed set of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. While there isn’t a release date announced, the set is available for pre-order for $84 (down from the MSRP of $120). While the movies will naturally be in full 1080p HD video with DTS-MA audio; the extensive documentaries from the Appendices will still be in SD video on the same DVDs that you already own. This is the same thing that Warner did with the Theatrical Edition Blu-Rays where they made new Blu-Ray discs for the movies, but just reprinted the same extras DVD discs from the original releases. Amazon makes it very clear that the Appendices are just DVD discs.

The new Blu-Rays that hold the movies will have some additional stuff the original Extended Editions didn’t have, however. In addition to carrying over all of the commentary tracks; they’ll also include the Costa Botes documentaries from the last release of the Extended Editions as well as the MTV Movie Award spoofs done for each movie. So you will get everything ever included with an Extended Edition release of The Lord of the Rings, but as with the DVD releases they won’t include all of the fluff featurettes included on the Theatrical Editions.