This is RIFT – Launch Day Trailer


We’ve been posting a lot about RIFT, and for good reason. Firstly the game is the best MMO to be released in 2011 across the board, and that includes any big-name licensed games. Secondly, the game is being developed by a dev team that simply gets it. They know what makes a fun MMO and what will keep people playing even when the normal quest/dungeon grind burns you out like in other games.

To celebrate yesterday’s official launch of RIFT, Trion has released a trailer where the developers detail some of the key features that set RIFT apart from other games. From the Rifts themselves to invasions, the trailer is actually really good. One thing they detail, that hasn’t seen a lot of attention yet, are the Ancient Wardstones. These really make PVP servers fun as they really can create some great conflict when players fight over control of the quest hubs and rewards they give. The trailer ends with a little bit about the raid Rifts, but doesn’t give away the two tiers of raid content already in the game.