Dead Space 2: Severed Releases This Week


If you’re a Dead Space fan who has played through all the Dead Space that’s currently out there, EA is releasing more Necromorph killing fun for you this week. The downloadable expansion is a sequel to Dead Space: Extraction in that it takes place after that game, and on the Sprawl from Dead Space 2, but focuses on Game from Extraction in a two-chapter story that takes place parallel to Isaac’s adventure in Dead Space 2.

Unfortunately, PC gamers won’t be able to experience Severed as it’s not currently planned for release on anything except the Xbox 360 and PS3. In exchange for that, the PC version will be receiving some free items in the game’s store, but it’s sad that PC gamers won’t get the expansion as the PC version of Dead Space 2 is by far the best of the three.

Severed should show up on the PSN store tomorrow for $6.99 and will likely be on the Xbox Live Marketplace by the end of the week. It features two new chapters along with trophies and achievements. Here’s a trailer for it: