Activision Begins the Modern Warfare 3 Hype


This didn’t take long. Just a couple days after EA revealed the stunning Battlefield 3, Activision responded by launching a countdown website for the new Call of Duty game. Titled ““, it doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to realize that this is counting down to the reveal of Modern Warfare 3, as Makarov is a character in that series. From the countdown, it looks like the Modern Warfare 3 reveal is just five days away at GDC.

After the whole Infinity Ward drama, they’re naturally not going to be the primary developer on MW3. While work they have done on it so far is obviously going be used in some way, the current rumor is that Raven Software is doing it. Raven a longtime FPS developer with lots of Quake-engine experience so it’s a good fit.

Whoever is developing it, we’ll know for sure next week when the internet explodes with the first images of Modern Warfare 3.