RIFT Headstart Begins with 1 Million Accounts


Today at 10:00am Pacific, Trion’s RIFT will open up its headstart for pre-orders. After multiple successful betas, the new MMO has gained the attention of most hardcore players of the genre, and many prominent guilds are planning to stake a claim in the world of Telara.

Trion has also announced that they’ve reached more than 1 million accounts created for the game. In addition to that bombshell, Trion has released the full list of servers available for US and European players today:

US Servers
Lotham – PvP
Faeblight – RP
Sunrest – PvP-RP
Belmont – PvE
Spitescar – PvP
Seastone – PvP
Keenblade – PvE
Deepstrike – PvP
Greybriar – PvE
Shatterbone – PvE
Reclaimer – PvP
Byriel – PvE
Snarebrush – PvP
Gnarlwood – PvE
Briarcliff – PvP
Wolfsbane – PvE
Shadefallen – RP

European Severs
Blightweald – EN PvP
Cloudeborne – EN PvP
Steampike – EN PvE
Icewatch – EN PvE
Argent – EN RP
Firesand – EN PvP RP
Whitefall – EN PvP
Brutwacht – DE PvP
Trübkopf – DE PvP
Akala – DE RP
Brisesol – FR PvE
Rubicon – FR PvP

Shortly after releasing that list, and witnessing the load of players downloading the live client in preparation for today; Trion announced two more servers. Rocklift and Dimroot are in the US and are both PVE.

RIFT launches for non-pre-orders on Tuesday.