Final Fantasy 3 Ported to iOS


Recently Square announced that they would be porting Final Fantasy 3 to iOS devices. As the original 2D Final Fantasy 3 never saw a completed remake (the Wonderswan version was cancelled), people wondered if Square would be porting the recent Nintendo DS remake to Apple’s mobile OS. Well, according to these screens at Famitsu; that’s exactly what they did.

Naturally, it’s not a direct port. The iOS version looks superior to the DS port in many ways. In addition to the game running in more than twice the resolution, the 3D port features better texture filtering and sharper graphics than the one released on Nintendo’s handheld.

There’s no word as to when the Final Fantasy 3 iOS version will be released outside of Japan, but Square is usually pretty quick with releasing all of their iPhone and iPad games here; so we shouldn’t have to wait too long.