Medal of Honor Sequel Incoming!


Last year’s reboot of Medal of Honor was one of the best first-person-shooters of the year, as long as you weren’t blinded by the Call of Duty brand name. While the DICE-developed multiplayer did seem lacking to some people, and had some very annoying problems at launch (that have since been patched); the single-player experience was absolutely awesome and one that I’d gladly want to see again in a sequel. The story was also very good without any of the Michael Bay theatrics that Call of Duty uses, and have since really become a joke.

Thankfully, EA has announced that they feel Medal of Honor was a big enough success with five million copies sold that Danger Close will be moving ahead with a sequel. The developer recently made the announcement on their blog, although no more details are known. It’s presumed that the game will continue the setting of the original and continue the storyline closer to present day. Hopefully we’ll get more at E3 in May.