Top 4 Actors Rumored for Eddie Dean: THE DARK TOWER


With Javier Bardem supposedly offered the role of Roland Deschain in Ron Howard’s upcoming Dark Tower series it is time to consider the casting rumors of the rest of the Ka-Tet, starting with Eddie Dean.  Every member of the Ka-Tet, including Oy, goes through a very complex character arc but none evolves quite as much as Eddie.  From a heroin junkie to a husband to a bona fide Gunslinger, the actor cast as Eddie must possess both strong comedic timing and stern dramatic authority.  Now let us consider the top 4 actors rumored for the role of Eddie Dean.

1. Aaron Paul

If you have seen AMC’s Breaking Bad then you are instantly a fan of Aaron Paul.  Jesse Pinkman is a tormented character with intense similarities to Eddie Dean, particularly in Drawing of the Three.  Paul has also demonstrated a more quiet dramatic side on Big Love so the acting chops are there.  However, like Roday his television commitments may take him out of serious consideration: unless, of course, AMC follows through on their original promise to kill off Jesse.

2.Ben Foster

Hilarious and scary.  Foster has demonstrated an amazing range and has done so in a broad spectrum of projects, more so than anyone else on this list.  Though my personal choice is James Roday because I want to see him expand his career, Foster is the smart choice for the incredible talent that he would bring to The Dark Tower.  If you are unsure then check out 3:10 to Yuma and you will be made a believer.

3. James Roday

As the lead in the show Psych, Roday predominately plays a jackass.  Like Eddie Dean, Shawn Spencer busts everyone’s balls and is full of useless 80’s pop culture knowledge.  As for the heavier stuff he has shown impressive dramatic range, taking a strong leadership role in the Mr. Yin & Mr. Yang storyline.  Likely a rumor with little truth behind it, especially since the time commitment for the series would conflict with Psych, Roday would make for a powerful Eddie.

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

He has come a long way from 3rd Rock From the Sun, and with his recent roles in (500) Days of Summer and Inception it is hard to deny his growing star power.  His acting talent is apparent but he doesn’t convey himself as a strong presence, even in the anti-gravity fight during Inception.  Most likely the safest choice of all those rumored which is right up Ron Howard’s alley.