The Assimilation of Marvel is Complete – Pixar Comics Coming


If you’re one of those people who curse Disney for ever buying Marvel, you may not want to hear this. Marvel and Disney have announced a new magazine focusing on Pixar. The $5.99 book will most likely be similar to Marvel’s other magazines, such as the Spider-Man Magazine, and each issue will be 96 pages with comics, puzzles, and more. The May issue of DISNEY•PIXAR PRESENTS will be titled “DISNEY•PIXAR PRESENTS: Cars Magazine #1” and naturally focus on Cars 2, which comes out in June.

So far it looks like Marvel will just be doing comics for the Pixar properties, as BOOM! is retaining the rights to the classic Disney characters and just announced a new on-going DuckTales comic series with the first issue being written by Epic Mickey creator Warren Spector.