Want \’Dark Knight\’ or \’Inception\’? There\’s an app for that.


The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Warner Brothers is launching “app editions” of some of their movies, starting with  Inception and The Dark Knight. This will allow the company to sell movies on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices outside of the firm’s iTunes Store.

Consumers with iPhones, iPads or an iPod touch can download the app for free. The download includes the first five minutes of the movies along with games, trivia, and other material.

The full movie carries the standard iTunes prices of $9.99 for Dark Knight and $11.99 for Inception in the U.S.
Overseas prices range from$7.99 for Dark Knight in some European countries to $23.99 for Inception in New Zealand.

What does this all mean? It could open up worldwide markets that Hollywood has had trouble getting a foot in.  It also means that it’s one more nail in the coffin of Blockbuster stores, Redbox machines and, quite possibly, another step towards the demise of the DVD disk as the primary movie media.

Just ask the record industry. Just as CDs replaced vinyl, music downloads have replaced the CD as the main way people buy their music.  With faster and faster internet service available and storage devices being measured in the terabytes, can movies be far behind?