Star Trek Online is making Atari Money


Atari has released their revenues for last year, and while overall profits were down; they were making money in one sector. Thanks to subscriptions from Star Trek Online (and Champions Online, which just went Free to Play) their overall online revenue increased from just 3.4% to 44.9% and they made nearly $25 million off those subscriptions.

Are people still playing Star Trek Online? Yes, and a lot of them. Cryptic has been doing “Featured Episodes” structured like an episode of one of the Star Trek series, which they release on Saturdays. The last few Saturdays when the new episode was released, the Star Trek Online server has crashed under the loads of people connecting. STO is like EVE Online in that is uses a single server that everyone from all regions connects to. So many people have been playing these new episodes that it’s been crushing the server under the load.