Hasbro’s Comic Con 2011 Star Wars Exclusive


Every year at Comic Con, just about every company has some kind of merchandise that’s exclusive to the show. If it doesn’t sell out prior to the show even opening through special pre-show orders, the lines for these exclusives usually wrap around the exhibition hall on Preview Night. This year’s Hasbro Star Wars exclusive will likely cause massive amounts of broken bones as people fight to the death over it.

Hasbro has been releasing “Vintage” versions of Star Wars figures that ship on a card back designed to look like the classic figures of the 80s. Later this year, they are releasing a 12-figure line of “Revenge of the Jedi”, which will naturally include Slave Leia. Well, if you want all 12 in a cool Death Star box; head to Comic Con 2011 as that’s exactly what Hasbro’s exclusive is this year. No price is set for the figures yet, but no price is too high for something this awesome.

Credit goes to the great SirStevesGuide.com and rebelscum.com for the photos.