Trion Details RIFT Open Beta Changes


Trion is quickly becoming what many consider to be the Valve of MMOs. Their quick to respond to player feedback and openness about the game and their decisions is winning over jaded MMO gamers. Yesterday Scott Hartsman posted his wrap up for some of the major changes that are being done to the game as it heads into Open Beta.

From PVP changes where they are reversing some PVE-influenced decisions on the PVP servers, to player damage, to raids, his post doesn’t just put out patch notes but explains their reasonings behind the changes. The raiding changes for 10 and 20 man content will probably resonate with people who are becoming burnt out with another MMO’s way of handling things. RIFT separates the 10 man content into dynamic rifts, while 20 man raids are instances. This is different than WoW where there are two versions of each raid:

Most people haven’t experienced this yet in this game or any other, so it can seem as if we’re trying to short the 10-man raids by not doing 10 and 20 man versions of every instance.

Our intent is actually the opposite: This strategy lets us tailor more raid encounters for 10 mans, and giving people cooler things to do, faster, without either a) unfairly forcing people to stare at the same raid zones twice every week if multiple versions of the same zones are available, or b) forcing someone to choose between two sets of friends, if they can only do a 10 or a 20 of the same zone in a week.

Both of those are dynamics that have a lot of downside, and we’re trying to avoid things that either force burnout or force wedges between groups of friends. The dynamic content system, and its ability to provide fun content, accessibly, makes a lot of sense as a potential solution to these problems.

We expect 10 mans to be a pretty huge number of raiders all in all, and we expect to continue creating 10 man content rapidly throughout the live run of the game.

With 10 man rifts (via Lures), just like with 20 man instances, people can go do them on demand, which is another part of the strategy that might not have been clear. So, please don’t think that we’re throwing 10 man raiders to the wolves. We’re actually trying to ensure that both sizes of raiding can flourish.

You can read Hartsman’s entire post here. The Open Beta for RIFT begins next Tuesday.