New LA Noire Trailer – 2011\’s Game of the Year?


Last year, Rockstar San Diego blew everyone out of the water with Red Dead Redemption. Their open world Western amazed people and went on to win numerous game of the year awards and is considered by many to be one of the best games ever made. This year, Rockstar turns to Team Bondi and will finally release their long-in development Team Noire.

Set in Los Angeles of the 40s, the game is a crime drama and as the trailer below shows, you start out as a beat cop and work your way up through the force. The game uses real actors and performances to portray extremely realistic interrogations. While the full cast hasn’t been revealed, a previous trailer shows Fringe’s John Noble in one part; so don’t be surprised if more recognizable faces pop up.

LA Noire hits May 15th, and this trailer does nothing but increase our anticipation for it. 2011 is slated to be a huge year with games like Uncharted 3, Elder Scrolls 5, and Mass Effect 3 all due out; and LA Noire looks to be among the best.