Tron 3 Teaser May Appear on the Legacy Blu-Ray!


There have been rumors lately that the upcoming Tron Legacy Blu-Ray (currently expected sometime in April) would include some sort of teaser for Tron 3. Well, this weekend Harry over at AICN received confirmation that a teaser was in fact filmed back in November and consists of three scenes:

– Alan meeting RAM’s programmer (Dan Shor from the original Tron!) who has been running the Flynn Lives campaign.
– Quorra trying to gain entrance into the Encom building and stating that she saw Kevin Flynn the day before.
– A text message scene between Dillinger and his son where they state that everything is going according to plan.

Harry had photos of the sets used for this shoot up this weekend, but they have since been removed as I guess Disney didn’t want word of this leaking out.