The Cape – someone please cover it up



Ok, now that that is out of the way… let’s talk superheroes.  There is an onslaught of some much touted films just over the horizon.  There are superhero themed MMOs.  One of my co-contributors, Kilroy, here at Furious Fanboys recently posted a piece on an upcoming Wonder Woman headed up by David E. Kelley.  Superheroes are big business.  Films, comics, television shows, toys, even cereals are marketed on their name recognition and mass appeal. NBC recently aired a 2 hour pilot for a new superhero series called “The Cape.”

The world of genre fiction is rife with outlandish, even nonsensical, premises that link the various threads of a plot into a story.  “The Cape” is so poorly put together that it’s creators dare not unplug the life support equipment.

Allow me to slip into the second person – you are a veteran police detective.  The municipal police force you work for is so overrun with corruption that the city is planning on disbanding the department and contracting with a huge global security company.  Seeing that your once proud department is not long for the world, you jump ship and accept a position with the global security company.  But instead of a nice office and stock options, the aforementioned security company fingers you as an international terrorist and plasters your face across the local media.  Your one bit of good luck is that everyone thinks you’re dead.  You’ve lost your career and are now regarded as the worst kind of criminal.  Fearing for their safety, you allow your wife and son to believe you are dead.  But, being the stalwart hero you are, you swear to reclaim your good name and family.

Who do you turn to to help you in your quest?  A powerful benevolent extraterrestrial?  An aged martial arts master?  A team of former special operations soldiers who were also accused of a crime they didn’t commit?  No, you go in with a bunch of circus performers that also rob banks.  The dwarf strong man schools you in the fighting arts while the ringmaster teaches you groovy cape flourishes.

As ridiculous as all that sounds, it gets worse.

“The Cape” is the kind of show that gives genre fiction a bad name; it stretches the limits of implausibility while offering nothing substantial in the way of story, character, or plot.

The real tragedy of “The Cape” is it’s cast; a troupe of talented actors who are handicapped by the story.

It is disheartening to see shows like “Dollhouse,” “Caprica,” and “Stargate Universe” cancelled while “The Cape” lives on.

I love my DVD player.