Mass Effect 2 Arrives on the PlayStation 3


If you own a PlayStation 3 and not an Xbox 360, now’s your chance to play one of the best science fiction epics since Star Wars. EA has released Mass Effect 2 on the PlayStation 3 and if you enjoy a great space opera, it’s a must-play game. The sequel has been available on the PC and Xbox 360 for nearly a year now, but its age does nothing to diminish how awesome the story is. If you play through the game you’ll walk away experiencing one of the best scifi stories in a long time, and you’ll begin to die waiting for Mass Effect 3 to finish the trilogy later this year.

The PlayStation 3 version includes just about all of the DLC content released for the other two versions as well as an interactive comic that brings you up to speed with what happened in Mass Effect 1. The comic is interactive as it allows you to make some choices throughout it, which affect what characters die or live on to appear in Mass Effect 2.

Here’s the unbelievably awesome trailer they released for the original release of Mass Effect 2. It’s okay if you have to watch it over and over. Everyone does.