First Look at X-Men Destiny


A couple days ago a few very early screen shots of Silicon Knights’ upcoming X-Men Destiny leaked out, and were promptly pulled from the ‘net. Above you can see one image of Gambit in the game, but things aren’t looking very well. It’s possible that the game is either extremely early or the screens that leaked are actually from the Wii version. Because right now, it looks pretty bad.

From the leaked screens it looks as if you’re character in the game is a new original mutant. It’s possible that it’ll be some kind of action/RPG along the lines of Mass Effect, but with more action, where your character is working to become a member of the X-Men. Aside from Gambit, the screens also revealed concept art for Nightcrawler; although his costume was redesigned.

X-Men Destiny is due out later this year. Lets just hope it starts to look a lot better before release.