Star Tours II – May 10th?


The opening date for Star Tours II (or Star Tours: The Journey Continues, or whatever they end up calling it) may have leaked thanks to a Disney blog. The Anaheim version of the ride, which closed first due to more extensive queue work being required, is apparently scheduled to re-open on May 10th with the Orlando version following on the 17th. This naturally hasn’t been confirmed by Disney yet, but it’s highly possible as May has been the target date. Disney is planning on opening both Star Tours II in Disneyland and the $100 million Little Mermaid ride in California Adventure within the same week for one massive press event at the resort this coming May.

Star Tours II will feature new locations, new droids, a return of C-3PO in a new role, and the whole thing will be in 3D. We also know that Admiral Ackbar and Boba Fett will make appearances, and it’s possible that riders will be able to select their destination while on the ride to make every trip unique. The new version of the ride will be set between Episodes III and IV, in order to make trips to Alderaan possible.

No matter what date Star Tours II opens you can be sure we’ll be there for the first new flight of the Starspeeder 1000.