DC Universe Online is Out!


By the time you read this, the servers for the PC and PS3 versions of DC Universe Online have been opened and people are busy creating Superheroes. The game servers were due to open around 7:00am Pacific, but it actually took them about forty-five minutes longer to come up. This naturally showed that console gamers just don’t have the attention span for MMOs, as Twitter was flooded with complaints from PS3 gamers demanding a refund because the servers weren’t up at exactly 7:00am.

There are currently seven servers for the PC, each one named after a DC Comics storyline:

Zero Hour
Brave New World
Darkness Falls
Virtue and Vice
New Frontier

Death & Glory
Public Enemies

While on the PS3 there are…

Count down

The Killing Joke
No Man’s Land

Honestly, the PS3 got the better end of the server names. Either way, you can find us on the PC side of things on Zero Hour, which looks to become one of the larger servers with it being the unofficial Role Playing server and several large guilds making it their home server. We’ll be keeping an eye on what’s happening in Gotham and Metropolis as the game matures.