Did the Dark Knight Rises script leak?


This morning, reports of the script for The Dark Knight Rises leaking hit the ‘net. As the script for Batman Begins leaked, and was very accurate, way before that movie came out; it isn’t unheard of for a DC comics script to hit the Internet like this. The script leaked in the form of a protected PDF that can’t be copied or printed. It’s by Johnathan Holan and David Goyer from Christoper Nolan’s story and is dated 11/10/10.

Note:This is a different script from the one that was debunked a couple of weeks ago.

If real, the third movie may turn out to be pretty cool; with a few reservations. The villains are Deadshot, Black Mask, and a combination of The Riddler and Hugo Strange. So the claims that The Riddler not being the villain are true, from a certain point of view. Edward Nashton is one of the key characters, and while he has one of the names the Riddler has gone by in the past, he’s a lot more like Hugo Strange (but he does have at least ONE “Riddler” moment) where he is obsessed with Batman and discovers his secret identity.

Gordon’s story is extremely close to the Prey storyline, and the movie does feel like an ending to the Nolan trilogy. Talia Al Ghul is actually in it very briefly, so that is a connection to Begins; and the tone does mesh with the first two movies. The problem I have with it, though, is the ending.

I remember when the Begins script leaked, and I re-read that final scene with Gordan and Batman on the roof over and over. It was the perfect Batman/Gordon scene that nailed the relationship between the two. The ending in this draft of the script is the exact opposite, and will likely enrage hardcore Batman fans with what Batman does. I hope that changes, as otherwise it’s a really good conclusion to the trilogy that avoids a lot of the pitfalls other third comic book movies suffered from (I’m looking at you, Spider-Man 3).