8 Ground breaking moments in Doctor Who


The fifth series of Doctor Who brought a lot of awesome changes to the show that’s rapidly approaching its 50th Anniversary. Below you’ll find eight things we found really ground breaking about the adventures of the Eleventh Doctor.

Unleashing this seasons revamped creature

This season brought us the resurrected Silurians. These reptilian creatures become the focal point for the “The Hungry Earth” and “Cold Blood” episodes. These creatures became the jealous underground dwelling creatures who hated humans and wished to retake what was theirs: everything else on Earth.

Go Go Power-Daleks

Daleks are pure destructive creatures that pride themselves on being the superior being. They are so frightening that they have become the iconic arch-nemesis of Doctor Who. When their trademark gunmetal shaded body glides into a scene, it has now become a dangerous situation.  Each season has seen to another stage of Dalek evolution: sleeker bodies, refined weapon . With each crop of Daleks came added intimidation and fear.   This season has given us a new level of Dalek evolution: multi-colored Daleks.. Whether this is by the suggestion of a toy company or the beginning of a brilliant Dalek military strategy that none of us can imagine, I cross my fingers that it succeeds. Kinda hard to intimidate when your the color of a lego

Scratch That…

Season after season, we ‘ve learned from the Doctors that time may be “wibbly-wobbly” but there are also fixed points in time. The cracks in the wall theme introduced another wrench into time: time can be rewritten.  This was the groundbreaking idea but not something the show followed through faithfully. It should have been more accurate to say that time could just be erased from EVERYONE. Since in order for time to be rewritten for one person, you would have to rewrite the time line for those around that original person and so on and so one. This is what the cracks in time and space were, the end of the universe sucking everything away.  The idea was really complicated and detailed so I have to give the writers some credit in attempting to make this work and comprehensible to an all ages audience.

Whoa…..full circle

This is the first time during the current seasons of Doctor Who where the story line has come FULL CIRCLE. We had the Bad Wolf teases with Rose with little scribbles here and there and the bug on Donna’s back.  Everything leading up to the final episode and the events of the final episode itself all depended on the first episode and on. One event affected the the other. The Doctor had to swoop in on different points of time in the first episode. This wasn’t a simple teaser clue. This was a very involved time traveling plot puzzle.

Out with Davies, In with Moffat

David Tennant’s departure from the series seemed to have created a wave of changes in the technical staff. Some people left to pursue other shows, some people changed their job titles. The most noticeable and public of these changes was the departure of Russell T. Davies, one of the main writers of the show leaving Steve Moffat as the main honcho.

Davies had a a fondness for action, hilarity, and history. Moffat has a lot a fondness for dark jokes and complicated story lines. The tone of the show has changed drastically that I want to place a “D.D.” (During Davies) and “A.D.” (After Davies) when I reference the series. It was a huge change but a change that was needed.  I suppose the show producers thought that if we’re going to get a new doctor, everything has to be new. Everything was new: the logo, the music, the TARDIS. Which works. This has allowed Matt Smith to be his own doctor despite the Tennants shadow. Smith will slip in some Tennnat-style acting but this just adds to the transition. A flicker of the past and it’s gone.

Get some eye drops ready

Remember the weeping angels from the spooktacular “Blink” episode? Statues that would attack you the moment you moment?  That was already terrifying. This series threw them a whole new upgrade of “Damn-this-shit-is-scary.”

“Anything that holds the image of an angel is in itself an angel”. So a recording on a television is an angel . That means your eye can hold an angel and then you then become an angel. That was chilling when I watched Amy rubbing driblets of sand out of her eye.  Then to see an army of angels. Then to hear the neck snapping power of the angels. Never will I look at a precious angel statue the same again.

Little Amelia to….yowsa-Amy

Amy. She has given so many things that break the companion mold of the series. The Doctor has seen her when she was a child and then to a grown woman in one episode, a first for the series. Her eye brow raising short skirts (really? Has anyone checked out what Key$ha is calling for normal attire?). Her undisclosed lust for the doctor. Her red hair.

I would even go so far that the doctor was able to care again. After losing Rose, the doctor began to convey a fond but sad detachment to his companions. With Amy, we are able to see the Doctor visibly care and attach himself to a companion.

Heeelllllllllllllllllllllooooo Doctor!

Who the hell can follow up after David Tennant as the Doctor? For many of us newly made Whovians, Tennant was our shiny shepherd into the world of Doctor Who. Tennant was spunky, fun, and oozed charm. His departure from the show left such a deep void that many people even wondered of the series could even go on.  Matt Smith has played the Doctor the best way anyone can play the doctor. He infused his own personality and quirks into his acting while honoring the previous doctors with many references. Smith has done a great job of growing into the role and I looked forward to more growth in the upcoming season.

Guest post by Toni Adams, pictures by Jeremy Conrad