Cinematics in The Old Republic


It’s Friday and that means another Old Republic update from Bioware. This week they’ve posted a blog from the Lead Cinematic Designer hyping up their fully voiced quest interactions, which are dialog sections almost identical to what you probably played in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. The blog includes not one, but two new videos showing off the system.

The question is, with a MMO do you want to sit through a possibly lengthy dialog exchange for every single quest you do? I don’t know how many MMOs you may have played, but in your journey to the level cap you will do thousands of quests. Sure, the first ten levels of fully voiced quests may be awesome, but you can be sure that after a while you’ll want to skip all of the lengthy exposition to just get your objective and get on with things. Such a system is perfect for an offline, single-player, RPG; but it may not quite work as well in an online massively multiplayer RPG that you’re paying $15 a month for access to.