Back to the Future: The Game – Episode 1


Telltale Games, reviver of great adventure games, has finally released their long-awaited episodic Back to the Future game and it’s one that fans will eat up. Set in 1986 after Back to the Future Part III, it’s an original story that will make fans of the trilogy smile though out every moment. Episode 1 has been released this week, and Telltale will take January off to return in February to release the remaining episodes through May.

It’s a point and click adventure game, which used to be extremely popular about fifteen years ago. Telltale has revived the genre and many series such as Sam & Max and Secret of Monkey Island, and if you’ve played any of their previous adventure games; Back to the Future uses the identical system. Thankfully, Telltale uses the “Lucasarts” school of adventure gaming as opposed to the “Sierra Online” one.

Back in the 90s, those were the two big makers of adventure games. In a Sierra Online game, you could die by making a stupid mistake; such as walking too close to a cliff ledge. Lucasarts adventures wouldn’t do that so you could focus on experiencing the story. That’s the same philosophy that Telltale games follow, which keeps them fun and accessible.

The Back to the Future game does amazing justice to the license. The music is perfect, the voice cast they put together is great, and the story is exactly what you’d expect from a Back to the Future game. And just as importantly, they nailed the characters. There’s a point towards Episode 1 where young Emmett does something that is definitely in Doc Brown’s character.

Through the course of the first episode, Marty must discover where in time Doc is lost and ends up going back to Hill Valley in the 30s and must spring Doc out of jail before mobsters, lead by Kid Tannen, kill him on the steps of the courthouse. The episode will take you about two hours to play through, which is a decent amount of gameplay for an episodic adventure.

There is one major plot hole not yet filled, as it doesn’t yet explain how the DeLorean could be around despite it being destroyed at the end of Back to the Future III. But with four more parts to go there’s a chance for them to explain it.

Back to the Future: The Game is currently available for PC or Mac via Telltale’s site or digital download services such as Steam. A PS3 and iPad version is due next year. All five parts are sold in a bundle for $25. If you’re a Back to the Future fan, you’re going to love this.